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amy emerson doula tulsa birthMy Doula Journey

My name is Amy Emerson, and I have been a doula since 1993. I was working as a labor and delivery nurse in a local hospital and went to  a DONA Labor Support Workshop. I began using my doula training as soon as possible while working as a nurse. I have been able to doula with my family life and have increased my doula business over the past few years. I have served more than 500 women between my nurse and doula work over the past 20 + years.

amy emerson family tulsa doulaEducation and Training

I received my Doula certification a few years after attending my first workshop and have continued my DONA doula certification since that time. I have kept my nursing license and became a Lamaze Childbirth Certified Educator (LCCE) . I have also maintained my RNC Inpatient OB certification, become a Dancing For Birth Instructor and Peanut Ball Certified Trainer. I have also been trained by Stillbirthday and have experience as a nurse with infant loss.

When my first birth ended in a cesarean after a long induction, I learned about doulas and used one for my first VBAC ( vaginal birth after cesarean). I went on to have a total of 8 VBAC births myself, with our last one born at home.


I consider it a privilege and honor to attend births and share in that moment when a new family member comes into the world. I continue to seek and learn new information and certifications to improve my skills as a doula and a nurse. I look forward to being a doula for many years to come and would be honored to assist in your birth.

Amy Emerson
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